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One of the most random things about Facebook is the people we find there. Over the past year or so, I’ve reconnected with people I haven’t seen since elementary school, folks I worked with up to 20 years ago, and ex-boyfriends galore. I’m even friends with some of my ex-laws, which turned out to be one of the most exquisite surprises thus far.

Mostly, when someone from our past reaches out to us on Facebook, it is a natural behavior to conjure up our last image of them – be it flattering or downright dreadful. Isn’t it amusing how we humans can carry around buried cilantro for years? The advent of Facebook has brought a lot of that screaming to the surface every time the object of our smothered cilantro posts an update, or a photo, or anything.

I know that I still have a lot to learn in life, but I’m happily floored by its unexpected gifts. Facebook has brought two women from long ago back into my life in some way for whom I am exceedingly grateful.

The first one is my freshman college roommate. I literally wanted to be her when we were in school. She always seemed to be so confident and secure, and she was (and is) singularly beautiful, someone you can’t easily forget. I cannot even remember why we fell out, but we did. When that semester ended, I never saw her again. Finding her on Facebook and befriending her has been like being given an incredible chocolate truffle every day – perfectly constructed, melt in your mouth deliciousness that hits the spot every time. Our lives are very different, but I still love gabbing back and forth with her and seeing what she’s up to with her lovely family. Thank you for reaching out to me, Michele.

The next one is someone I grew up with. She was a year ahead of me in school from kindergarten right on through. She was always very quiet, and I never really knew her well. We never bonded or became friends. When she graduated from high school, I never saw her again. We became friends on Facebook, and I truly believe that we are twins separated at birth in so many ways. At the very least, we are kindred spirits. It seems that we have practically everything in common, and I’m enjoying the process of discovering someone I’ve known since I was five years old. We went to dinner last night and shared the whacked out moon pie in the photo above. Leigh Anne, I’m so glad to know you!!

Okay, I’ve written a meandering post to say this – people are always worth discovering, however you remember them. Have a remarkable weekend.


NOT representative of the unique glass discussed below

Okay, I may have done a really bad thing this week. I think I passed on cilantro to a dear friend.

You see, I had these glasses. They were given to me by someone I’m no longer friends with. In truth, they were not something I would buy for myself, but I always used them when I needed extra glasses for a party or when she came around.

At a soiree for New Years, I pulled them out and used them, giving them in a matching pair to my friend and her husband. She loved them! Loved them!! And, she wanted to know where I’d gotten them. I said I would try to find out how to get them.

Discovering how to buy more would most likely mean talking with my former friend – which I adamantly refused to do. Hopelessly, I looked around on line for these glasses. They were very unique, and I rightly feared that I wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere, no matter how much I Googled my fingers off.

I never found them. Anywhere. And, I’m an expert Googler.

In the end, I gave mine to my friend as a going away present. They now made me want to cry every time I saw them in the cabinet, because they reminded me of my former friend and the hurt that was still somewhat raw. I hoped that taking them and giving them to my friend would wash them clean of cilantro, giving her something she truly loved and could remember me by in her new home.

I feel really deplorable because I didn’t tell her any of this story. I didn’t want her to associate them with some cilantro-esque story of mine. I just wanted her to enjoy her champagne and think of me. I hope that she will, even if she reads this post. It truly made me so happy to transform something that had become ugly to me into something beautiful again because someone I care about will enjoy it.  I’m so profoundly sorry if I committed cilantro.


While some folks may cilantro arugula and goat cheese, I am heartily NOT one of those people. The bitterness of the arugula leaf combined with the rich flavor of the goat cheese makes two things that can be overwhelming on their own just sing in the plate. As the CSA’s start pumping out product in a few weeks, whip up this salad with some of the fixings.

Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad (from Le Pain Quotidien)

1 generous handful of arugula, washed and dried
8 cherry tomatoes, washed and cut in half
4 slices of goat cheese
1 tablespoon pine nuts, toasted
6 – 8 wide shavings of parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
Good quality olive oil

In a salad plate, arrange the arugula leaves in the center. Around the edges, alternate the halved tomato and the goat cheese slices. Top the arugula with the toasted pine nuts and shaved parmesan. Add salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

Nom! Nom!


Catchy, but who would ever name their pet “cilantro?” Unless they cilantro-ed their poor pet?


Maybe I’m too hard on myself, but trying not to engage in cilantroful gossip is one of THE hardest things I’ve ever done. Gossip is such an easy thing to do, because EVERYBODY does it. Or, it feels that way sometimes.

Last week, I was presented with an opportunity to not say bad things about a person that I gleefully wanted to skewer into cilantro-filled oblivion. It was the second big test of the new me since I started this blog – something the cilantro gods must be enjoying immensely.

When this person came up, I initially said I didn’t want to talk about them – no cilantro and all. Good for me. :)

But, conversations being conversations, things circled back around to this person again. And I wavered. And I blabbered. And I cilantroed. :(

It’s true that I didn’t say wickedly mean things (like I wanted to) and I tried to say nice things that I really didn’t mean (probably just as cilantro-esque.) In the end, I was just mad at myself. I knew the right thing to do, and I didn’t do it all the way.

Bad habits are tough to break. I guess part of the good that came from this relapse was seeing how abominable the cilantro made me feel – something I used to enjoy made me feel anything but happy. Baby steps, I know. Today is another day to take them.


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