From my fave JT song that isn't a JT song.

I am officially in mourning. For much of this evening, I have been Googling my fingers to a pulp looking for a very specific replacement for something that means very much to me. I really don’t know how I’m going to go on dressing without my Calvin Klein 365 bra. I have two of them in buff. They both developed holes in them while I was in England, and while I’m sparsely endowed, this has become a jiggling problem.

I realize this is an over share, but I am so singularly obsessed with finding one of these undergarments that I am willing to push the bounds of propriety. I cannot imagine getting dressed without this perfect assemblage of breathable fabric that totally disappears under anything. It doesn’t bind, twist, poke or cause unsightly back fat.

It might also be that the day that I bought them both, on the inaugural mission for one of them no less, I ended up having dinner one table away from Justin Timberlake. THE Justin Timberlake actually saw me wearing this Calvin Klein bra.

Well, he didn’t SEE the bra, but I had it on.

And, I know he looked at me. He couldn’t help it because I was actually staring at him open mouthed for much of my meal, something that couldn’t have been very fetching given that I was also eating at the time. When I remembered.

So, the combination of this bra’s amazing qualities and being sort of blessed by Justin Timberlake makes it a tragedy that Calvin Klein no longer makes it. Even though it is the plainest, most homely, utterly unsexy undergarment I’ve ever owned, I always stand a little taller with it on.

So, if anyone has any leads on one Calvin Klein 365 Cotton Seamless Bralette in buff size medium, send them my way. I’m just desperate enough to make a brazen, perverse and very public plea.

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