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Easter Eggcellence

Friendships have always mattered to me, and they’ve always been hard. I’ve always needed them. Desperately. But, I’ve always seemed to tear down more than I’ve built up. I don’t know whose fault that is, but I’m here to take my share of the blame – not all of it; just my share.

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Kill the Wabbit

Eat the rabbit. It's a sick tradition in our household. I eat rabbit on Easter weekend.

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The Science of Adult Beverages

I commissioned an adult beverage. Because I failed to learn anything about science in science class. And the blending of booze SURELY has something to do with science.

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Off With My Head on Google Plus!

Another post that will qualify for the Laziest Blogger of All Time Award.........

Several people forgot my birthday. I'm not mad about it. But, when a couple of them mentioned it to me, they blamed Facebook for not reminding them. (Incidentally, I removed my birthday from every public service several months ago when I got the word that my social security number was stolen in the hack on the idiotic State Government of South Carolina. But, that is another story for a day when I don't feel fuzzy.)

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Get the Guy

I am not promoting Matthew Hussey's new book Get the Guy. I'm bookmarking the awesomest book trailer I've ever seen.

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