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I Want a Little Doggie


Your mind totally went there, didn’t it?

For me, Lena Horne‘s “I Want a Little Doggie” is a Christmas song. I remember being alone at Christmas, wondering whether I would ever be part of a ‘two.’ I hugged my dog Jazzmine every year. Showered her with gifts for not leaving me alone during the holidays.

Until she left me for good. Sixteen years was enough for a precocious Boston Terrier.

I still miss her. No dog will ever be her equal. I listen to Lena sing about her doggie, and I’m right back with Jazz. Somehow, she dances at my feet every single time I hear it.

Do you have a favorite holiday song that has nothing to do with the holidays?

Please post your selections today in the comment section. And remember, if you comment on this blog during this series, you have a shot at winning a either Christmas or a Crooner CD. Twelve chances in all. The more you comment, the greater your chance to win. Blog comments only.

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  1. Our son has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Jazz, who is Jennie’s favourite dog in the world. Jazz is in her dotage now: blind, spoilt and fat but totally content. Love the picture of your Jazzmine, which sounds like a Charleston belle of old saying “jasmine”…fab. I’d forgotten about Lena Horne…she was fantastic…each post of yours reminds me that I must buy some new speakers for my computer:)

    December 9, 2013
  2. Ah..a doggie…doggies are the bestest..ever..and ever. BTW where else would a mind go when someone says doggie?

    December 9, 2013
  3. I DID totally go there! I suppose I will always associate the song from Annie–Tomorrow–with Christmas. Ever since my dad took us to NYC to see it the day after Christmas in the late 70s.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    December 9, 2013
  4. I always love your posts in the morning Andra, because the songs you choose make me happy. I have always loved the “holiday songs” that I think of as really just winter songs . . . like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” or “Winter Wonderland.” I also love the Peanuts music that, I know, is associated with Christmas but is just beautiful and calming.

    December 9, 2013
  5. The reprise of Camelot. And (not a song) but Harold Hill’s line near the end of The Music Man: “I always think there’s a band, kid.

    December 9, 2013
  6. You can always count on a doggie to warm your heart! I don’t have a favorite non Christmas song I listen to but one that gets me every time is “Ave Maria” – Il Divo has a wonderful rendition of it and they are not bad on the eyes either. :)

    December 9, 2013
  7. Jill Clary Stevenson #

    I think MTM should gift you with a puppy this Christmas! Just ply him with delicious, potent homemade eggnog and he will do your bidding. At least that’s how I got my puppy nine years ago (back when Dan was still a drinking man)!

    December 9, 2013
  8. I had the privilege of taking of my mom to see Lena Horne when she came to Chicago many years ago. What a treat! So, any song by Lena is fine by me.

    December 9, 2013
  9. Animals can be as much family as anyone else. Little Jazz will always be your family, and always be with you.

    December 9, 2013
  10. Reminds me of our daughter Tina and her dog, Tinkerbell. They are a pair. Cut from the same cloth and each other’s best friends.

    December 9, 2013
  11. I don’t; but Jazzmine was a special dog. Beautiful picture, Andra :-)

    December 9, 2013
  12. I love Lena Horne and I totally did not know this song. How fine! I love any song that is jazzy / blues and makes clever use of double entendres. While not a Christmas song or a Winter song, I do love Bessie Smith’s Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 and 2)

    December 9, 2013
  13. I could be worse, Andra — one of my wife’s favourite Christmas songs is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” follow up closely by (SPECIFICALLY) Eartha Kitt’s rendition of “Santa Baby”.
    Perhaps if I shaved a pug it might look a little like a hippopotamus?

    December 9, 2013
  14. Jazzmine was a cutie pie! It’s so wonderful that our pets are always loyal and there for us when we need a snuggle, hug or a purr. I would take that in a heartbeat over my former Mr. Scrooge being around. I can’t think of a special non-holiday song other than “Don’t Stop Believing” which is more of a year-around anthem for me.

    December 9, 2013
  15. You can’t ever go wrong with Lena. What a nice memorial for a good friend. I don’t know if it’s a favorite but I’m always amused when I hear We Need a Little Christmas because in the musical it comes from it’s so NOT that time of year.

    December 9, 2013
  16. Pandora playing as I read this morning; currently: Greensleeves by Michele McLaughlin from the album “Christmas – Plain and Simple.” I love piano music and this just came up in the feed. It’s beautiful. I don’t know that I have any favorite non-Christmas music that I associate specifically with this time of year, but I, too, would listen to most anything by Lena Horne: Stormy Weather, Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man, Deed I Do….the list is endless.

    Love all of your stories about and photos of Jazzmine….our doggies are always there for us, no matter what.

    December 9, 2013
  17. I am not a fan of little dogs. I have only ever had big dogs. Our first family dog (about 5 years old now) is rascal. A 95 lb blonde lab. He is practically a person.

    December 9, 2013
  18. I have been in awe of Lena Horne since I was five. Every time I hear her sing or see her picture I go to a gooey place inside and heave a huge sigh. I’ve never tried to analyze why. Thanks for the big sigh.

    December 9, 2013
  19. Love this!

    December 9, 2013
  20. Am I the only one who can’t see a picture if Jazzmine?

    December 9, 2013
  21. I can’t think of a similar memory or Christmas reminder unrelated to more traditional music. But I do love this story. There is no doubt our pets can fill some big voids at times. ox

    December 9, 2013
  22. Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Most any version, but, lately, my favorite version is the one from the movie “Elf”.

    Loved your story of Jazzmine, Andra, a bit of Lena in the morning here, where it is cold, snowy cold.

    December 9, 2013
  23. I Melt With You – Modern English. I can’t explain this without a) putting my marriage’s “business” out on the street or b) you thinking I’m an even bigger weirdo than you already do, but Modern English’s New wave love song means “Christmas” or “holidays” to me.

    December 9, 2013
  24. “Your mind totally went there, didn’t it?”

    Not until you said something (no lie). I’m so impressionable, Andra.

    I don’t necessarily have a non-holiday song I like to play during the season. It may be worth investigating though. Maybe I should go for the camp of Spandau Ballet? Who knows?

    (you know you want to sing along)

    December 9, 2013
  25. it’s hard to lose someone who loyally stood by you, in hard times as well as good ones. )

    December 9, 2013
  26. Awww, I would like to get a puppy so badly… I guess after this post I have no other options than just get one. Dogs are the best.

    December 10, 2013
  27. Yes! Happy Birthday. Because my birthday is Christmas Eve. And most people forget that. So, I quite enjoy the Happy Birthday song – if anyone remembers to sing it! 😀

    December 16, 2013

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