camper twins

Part two of this blistering series; for part one go here:

I didn’t give up on a new pair of comfort shoes. I caressed every pair in the Camper store, wondering how my chiropractor would score them.

And, if I didn’t have the image of his approving/disapproving face in my head, I still had the pain in my right foot.

My feet are my workhorses right now. That’s for sure. I’m up to Natchez Trace daily walk length (fifteen miles a day) three days a week. When my right foot started hurting a week ago, I wasted no time. My feet still have a long way to take me.

I absolutely cannot quit.

I sat in my chiropractor’s office, expecting him to flog me for my preposterous plans. (Because, of course, I never went to see him or any other medical professional before I decided I could walk 444 miles in 34 days. I just knew I could do it.)

That’s why “You have a dislocated talus” is not something I wanted to hear.

“A wha-wha?” I said, as the chiropractor eased off my shoe and cracked my foot this way and that, while I tried to hide the ugly blisters I’ve developed.

“All this training has strained your talus. It’s the area of your foot where your ankle comes in. I’ve popped it back in place.” He slipped my shoe back on my foot. “Pretty common injury, actually. I see it a lot with my athletes.”

I’m an ATHLETE??????? Surely, all my PE teachers are somewhere, laughing together hysterically.

With orders to ice my foot after every outing, to wear good shoes and to see him once a week, he sent me on my way.

“That’s why I really need these Campers. Right here, MTM.” I wagged a shiny pair of black leather in his face. “And look. They’re on sale. The chiropractor practically wrote me a prescription for these.”

MTM rolled his eyes and took them to the counter. “If I submit an insurance claim, will they reimburse me?”

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