No. This is not a rant about my cootchie.

Let me just clarify this unsightly tantrum right up front: I LOVE TO GET MAIL. In my old fashioned, backward, dysfunctional snail mail box.

Unless it’s this kind of mail.

A Schedule K-1. FOR 37 FREAKING CENTS!!!!!!

thirty seven centsLest you doubt me, Dear Reader. Somebody was required to print this. On paper. And package it up in an envelope. And stick it in the mail, at a cost of………wait for it……….

forty centsAll for an amount of money that, due to rounding, I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO REPORT ON MY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paper. Energy to create paper. To package up said paper. To track said 37 cents. Fossil fuels to mail said essentially non-reportable income to my snail mail box. At a cost of WAY MORE than the income I don’t even have to report.

And everyone wonders why I was screaming at my computer yesterday. Or why I could not stomach making my living as a CPA preparing income taxes for people.


Our system is broken. I have no hope of a real fix.

End of rant.

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