When I encouraged people to come and walk part of the Natchez Trace with me, I really didn’t think anyone would. My offer was sincere, but it was also my warped sense of Southern hospitality. I mean, I couldn’t very well throw myself a masochistic party and not invite people to come.

Lisa Kramer messaged me and said she wished she could come. My response? “You should just invite yourself to stay with Tori Young in Nashville and book a flight!” (After all, I invited myself to stay with Tori at the end of this crazy walk……even though I’d never met her. Oh, and I invited MTM to join me.) Why wouldn’t Tori host Lisa, too???

Lisa booked that flight. I’d followed Lisa and Tori for several years, and I’ve grown to adore them. Lisa is earnest and sincere and quirky, and Tori is balls-out funny. They’re both gifted writers, plucky women I consider my friends.

On a sunny Sunday, we met. A car barreled down the Trace toward me, horn blaring and noise-makers blasting through the open windows. These two ladies were a motorized party on wheels. We shared a picnic lunch at Meriwether Lewis and laughed more in our first ten minutes together than some friends do in a lifetime. Tori tried to pick up a stray dog while Lisa charged into the ranger station to sell my book. I FaceTimed MTM, and Tori was there when he answered. We were so loud and giggly that MY DAD WAS SPEECHLESS.

I love these ladies. To pieces. The miles they walked with me were among the most joyous ones I experienced. Thank you, Tori and Lisa, for giving me two big chunks of your time.


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