I could never have completed a 444-mile walk without the help and support of many. Thank you is inadequate, but it’s all I have in these very emotional moments at the end.
When I said I’d give my phone number to any reader, several of you took me up on it. Linda Washington and Laurence King texted me words of encouragement almost every single day for 34 days. Alice Guess joined them when she left me south of Jackson, MS. Mary Giese and Lisa Kramer thought of me often and let me know. Nancy Teixeira came through by email.
Ladies, none of you realize how often your texts arrived when I was crying. Exhausted. Ready to lop my pulverized feet off at the ankles and go home. You’ll never know how many moments of joy you experienced with me, how many epiphanies you helped me have, or how you allowed me to see my world differently at a precise moment.

Cheryl Smithem, you didn’t have to do what you did. And you know what you did.
Tori Young, you’re putting MTM and me up at your house. For FOUR DAYS. Hosting us is beyond gracious…..even if Thomas does the Wiener Shake.
Joyce Maher, you gave up a week of your life during the worst week of this journey. You probably left thinking your daughter-in-law was the hormonal Spawn of Satan. Thank you for being so patient with me.
Mom and Dad, I never could’ve done this without you. I wouldn’t trade these five weeks with Dad and three with Mom for billions and billions of dollars. Everything we gave up and rearranged was worth it to spend a chunk of time with you.
Have an adventure while you still can.
MTM, you’re the unsung hero of this journey. You took care of mundane details, trekked across multiple states three weekends in a row, talked me through numerous meltdowns, and worked a stressful job to fund my ability to flit off and do something crazy. I’m a better person with you, and I’m glad I’m no longer without you.
Thank you for following me on this journey. Your comments filled my tank and kept me going. Your questions amused me and made me think. Your presence is priceless to me.

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