2012. I was late. MTM and I were both working in Nashville, and we shared a car. I tore into Nashville’s West End, past Vanderbilt‘s grand entrance, on a mission to pick MTM up from a meeting before he scolded me.

My turn was up ahead. On my left. I forgot my blinker and skidded into the turn lane. The landscape changed while I waited, lit from within by a brightness older than Time.

I looked to my right and saw Nashville’s Parthenon, built on the path where buffalo once wandered. Where natives prayed. Where pioneers stumbled to the end of their trek of the Natchez Trace.

To my left, I saw a lone road sign. Almost illegible.

Natchez Tr.

I veered my car onto that ageless remnant and vaulted onto a two-year odyssey to breathe life into To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis.

It’s fitting that I end my time in Nashville, and in a sense, my walk of the Natchez Trace, with a visit to the storied concrete palace of the gods. I stood outside in the sun. The columns blurred together as a little girl whispered……..

You have other stories to tell.


Click here to see photos from my visit to the ancient end of the Natchez Trace: Andra Watkins Tumblr

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