Or, so some readers said when I started appearing online without a certain headpiece. A raffia crown, tied up with a faded ribbon.

I remember when I found my first—and still my only—Helen Kaminski. In a city not unlike the one in which I type. Ordered blocks that marched down to cold water. I wandered into a Victorian arcade, a layer from another time, and I lifted her off the rack, and I slid her on.

She was the only one. I convinced MTM I needed her for a bike ride. He bought it (my argument and the hat), even though the forecast predicted rain.

I wore her in the drizzle, an inaugural pedal through grapevines and gravel paths and shots and shots of wine. She held me up just fine. A bridge from adventure to adventure.

If that’s what Vancouver holds.

MTM is here to work. I’m here for………what exactly?

After weeks of order, I crave chaos. Sleeping in. Civilization. A few days of nowhere-to-be-but-wherever-I-find-myself.


I think better, hear voices plainer, when I leave my hat on.

Do you have a favorite hat, Dear Reader?


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As long as you ask questions, I’ll answer them. Reader Questions will be back tomorrow. In the open air. HAT ON.


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