My ex-sister-in-law went on a double date with Elvis. Did you know that? I mean, she wasn’t Elvis’s date…..her sister was……but they were in the same car, on the same date………….so, I have a connection to Elvis.

Well, my cousin went to see Elvis perform, and everyone was standing in line and all…….she was number seven……….and he looked at her and motioned her to the front of the line. “I like blondes,” he said, and do you know that he asked her to go for a ride in his convertible, and she told him that her mama’d kill her for getting in a car with a stranger??? That’s my Elvis story.

Elvis kissed one of my friends. That’s right. She was at a concert, and she somehow fell down, and he picked her right up and kissed her and went on with the show. He was something, that Elvis.

Do you remember Judy ? Well, she was IN the movie “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis. She was 10 or 11, and they were on a family vacation at the hotel where they were filming the movie, so she just got to splash around the edge of the pool…….and talk to Elvis…………and be in a movie……….and talk to Elvis. I wonder what it was like to talk to Elvis?

Do you have an Elvis story, Dear Reader?



Thanks to the Beaufort Book Bashers of Beaufort, South Carolina for inviting me to attend my first-ever book club as an author. I will never forget such a milestone with you. Thank you for being a gracious, entertaining and inquisitive group of readers. It was very clever of you to ply me with Kennedy Punch in an attempt to get details on the sequel. But even more, it was a joy to talk about the book with people who read it, to listen to your stories and to spend a meaningful evening with you.

Obviously, we talked about Elvis. If you wonder what Elvis Presley has to do with Meriwether Lewis, you haven’t read my novel. Click below to purchase To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis in your favorite format.


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