At the Rotary International Convention in Sydney, I was lucky to attend a lively discussion about shit. Because Jack Sim says, “When we’re children, our parents tell us not to talk about shit.”

Jack Sim is known around the world as Mr. Toilet, founder of the World Toilet Organization. His mission is simple: give every person on earth a pot to shit in.



A portion of today’s proceeds from the sale of my novel To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis will go to the WTO to fund toilets. So copy and share the following across all social media today: Fund toilets and buy something to read while you shit!


Currently, there are more mobile phones on earth than toilets. But Jack Sim wants to change that. By partnering with organizations like Rotary International, he hopes to transform the toilet into a status symbol, one that will entice people to put their shit in its proper place.

(He says ‘shit’ a lot.)

Water and sanitation initiatives are one of Rotary’s six areas of focus. Every November 19, Rotarians around the world participate in the “Big Squat,” depicting people forced to use nature as a toilet, because that’s all they have. To learn more about how Rotarians are improving water and sanitation around the world, visit


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