Beaches are scented with the dawn of Time. I stood on a thin line between land and drowning. Mermaid foam licked my toes. Ageless voices thundered in waves.

I only heard one voice.


When you said hello.

And I smiled a hi.

Water oozed through sand. It softened my heart.

Does a foolish man build his house upon sand?

I staked my claim along the whimsy of the in between. Not land. Or water. A place where I could hear you. Even if it meant parting waves. Exploring forgotten places buried under rocks and seaweed. I held my breath until fireworks rocketed behind my eyes.

Did I die to find you? Isn’t that what we do, when we merge ourselves into another?

To many more decades and whatever comes beyond. I love you, MTM.


Pictures from Mystery Bay. Because it’s a mystery: Andra Watkins Tumblr

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