You don’t have to spend much time around here to figure out I have an interest in history. People don’t change much, do they? We complain about the salaciousness of today’s news media, but our third President, Thomas Jefferson, actually purchased entire news outlets to spew venom at his political enemies, all hidden behind the quills of reporters who repackaged his words as their own.

Whenever I visit Pon Pon Chapel of Ease, I feel closer to our flawed Founders. John Wesley‘s fiery sermons echo between the bricks, though the place was wood when he preached a revival there in 1737. During the Revolutionary War, British General Banastre Tarleton chased Rebel General Francis Marion through the swamps around the place. President George Washington saw Pon Pon on his 1791 Southern tour, a grand march through bugs and vermin.

I timed my Independence Weekend Pon Pon visit to bask in soupy heat. To run through walls of no-see-ums. To encounter a snake or several. I wanted to experience the place as our Forebears knew it.

Instead, I found mown grass and quiet. A few beer cans. Whispered memories woven through a place of perfect peace.


Pon Pon Chapel of Ease is located in Colleton County, South Carolina, near Jacksonboro on Parkers Ferry Road. It is open from daylight to dusk. Though the gate is almost always closed, a person can slip between gate and fence to gain admission.

To view photos from Pon Pon  Chapel of Ease, click here: Andra Watkins Tumblr

What’s your favorite historical site, Dear Reader? Why do you like it?


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