NY Times Bestselling Author Cassandra King, author of acclaimed works including The Same Sweet Girls’ Guide to Life and The Sunday Wife, read my novel To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis

I’m grateful to her for giving me a portion of her restricted reading time. I’m even more blown away that she liked it. She gave my novel a ringing endorsement.

“If you’re looking for a thoroughly enjoyable reading adventure unlike any other, this is the book for you. To Live Forever is a uniquely paranormal and totally imaginative tale involving a young girl’s quest and her guide along the way, the ghost of Meriwether Lewis (yes, that Meriwether Lewis). Give it a try–I dare you!”  – provided by Cassandra King

It is next-to-impossible to entice an established writer to endorse the work of an unknown. It’s even harder to procure an endorsement from a writer one esteems. Though I’ve not met her, I have long been an admirer of Cassandra King. She weaves a great story, but she is also tireless in her giving to others.

You can read more about Cassandra King at her website: cassandrakingconroy.com

Please follow this link to purchase Cassandra King’s latest book, The Same Sweet Girls’ Guide to Life: Advice From a Failed Southern Belle: Click to purchase on Amazon. You can also check out her many other offerings at the bottom of the Amazon page.

****image of Cassandra King from her website

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