When does a girl become a woman? Develop those fabled feminine wiles? Is it during wide-eyed, chub-cheeked infanthood? Her inaugural surf of the red wave? Maybe it happens the first time she, um………..logs her First Time. Or maybe it’s the first time she enjoys it.

Whatever the provenance of True Womanhood, some girls have it.

And I.

Do not.

July found me. Sitting on an ancient velveteen sofa. At the wrong end of a pointy tool. Two minutes later, my red hair was spangled with a lime green feather, affixed at the root.

I looked at Cayleigh.

She’s eleven.

“Go over there to MTM and tell him he needs to get a hair feather, too.”


The modernist-minimalist-all-black-and-weird-glasses-wearing-architect.

Cayleigh rocked back and forth, unsure of her feminine wiles. “Why should I do it?’

“Because. He won’t be able to say no to you.”

When she waved a feather of indigo blue, it floated through the air.

And affixed itself.

To MTM’s hair.

He wore it for twenty-four hours.

Because that’s what feminine wiles force men to do.


If you look closely at the photo, you can see the feather in his hair.


When do feminine wiles begin, Dear Reader?


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