August 18 is Meriwether Lewis‘ birthday!!!

It’s the first year I’ve celebrated.

No. Really.

MTM put together really cool postcards with Lewis’ face on them. We planned to send them out to almost five hundred people.

Including most of you.

A more personal way to remember someone who lived life like a sparkler.

Only, I’ve been buried in a rewrite, and MTM has been obliterated by work. Between the two of us, we couldn’t get the postcards to print. They kept hanging up in the collator.

So, in spite of not having very cool Meriwether Lewis postcards in your mailboxes today, I hope you will stop for a few seconds. Maybe a minute or two. And remember his life.

I’m sure Merry would like that.





What’s the best birthday gift you can give Merry? Why, it’s helping a new reader discover his story. Give Lewis a present by surprising someone in your life with a book. To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis is just $2.99 on Kindle during August in celebration of Meriwether Lewis’ Birthday Month.

Click here to read an excerpt.

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