Or making words. It’s the same thing these days.

Our No Family Holidays With Family policy is breaking new ground this Thanksgiving. I need to take a trip for book research. To smell the scents. And haunt the haunted places. And tease out sounds from almost 200 years ago. Or millennia ago.

I’ll take what I can get.

And I’ve been working on my Help! I’m Married to An Architect! board on Pinterest, torturing MTM with images from a place he’s never been.

No. That wasn’t intentional. But this destination has been a regular subconscious theme of late.

When the characters told me I needed to get on a plane, I found a way to turn our family tradition into a Deductible Event.

We wanted to go somewhere else.

Blasted characters.

We’re flying to Mexico City instead.

*image from history.com

Have you ever wound up going somewhere you never meant to be?

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