Make a Memory is a movement, a challenge to turn I wish I had into I’m glad I did in 2015.

Reach out and claim an adventure this year. Make a Memory before it’s too late.

Signe Pike is a gracious, gifted writer. And I was lucky when she agreed to edit To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis. If you enjoyed that book, you can thank Signe. She was tough and unflappable. I know her debut novel will be a gem, and I can’t wait to read it.

She submitted the following memory. I know it will inspire you. Maybe with a smile, a tear or both.

photo from signe's website

photo from signe’s website

In Signe’s words:

The winter of 2006 my father passed away unexpectedly, and that summer my sister and I took a trip to Scotland together. It wasn’t destination specific – though my father had told stories about swigging Talisker and a desire to track down the Loch Ness monster that involved biting it on the nose. It was more that she happened to be studying in England and it was a convenient adventure that promised beautiful hiking.

We laughed, we fought, we drank single-malt.

We forgot he had left us and cried when we remembered again…….

Standing together — the children he had made, now all-grown up — in the glens and on the tops of mountains. It was before I became an author, before she became a mother – neither of which we imagined coming our way.

Now it’s so much harder to get away together. It only makes the memory of that trip all the more precious.

And it helped us realize that when we’re together, that’s where our father is, too.

We bring him with us now, on all our adventures. He travels with us in both of our hearts.

About Signe:

signeSigne Pike worked for Random House/Ballantine Books and Penguin before leaving New York City to write Faery Tale. (Click HERE to purchase. I can’t tell you how much I love this book.)

The memoir earned a “Best of 2010″ nod from Kirkus Reviews in addition to receiving glowing reviews from Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Adventure Magazine, and renowned author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson. Pike has been featured on National Public Radio’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge” along with Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, and A.S. Byatt. She currently works as a freelance editor and writes full time in Charleston, where she is at work on her next exploration into things unseen.

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