People think writing is sexy. Lazing around in pjs. Sipping bourbon-spiked tea. Imagining fake people to life. Untold hours of bliss and leisure.


Writing is a dirty business. It takes a lot of meeting real people. Shaking hands and sharing germs. Giving book stump speeches. Being unflappable when people look you in the eye and lie.

Part of the Life of a Writer is signing up for showcase events over which I have no control. I show up at a big-ass room. I find my name on a plastic table. I organize my books into fetching piles of Words for Sale, and I do everything I can to entice people with at least 100 other reading choices displayed in that very room to give me their money. To pick my words over everyone else’s.


I’ve tried an exhausting list of Booth Babe tactics so far:

  1. Take Dad to said event. Have him roam the room and talk to people. He isn’t a babe, but he sure does sell.
  2. Run a computer slide show of pictures from my Trace walk.
  3. Encourage people to complete Make a Memory cards and drop them in a box.
  4. Incorporate signage at my table showing various media mentions that will be familiar to people and (possibly) impress them into buying.
  5. Never, ever sit. As soon as I make eye contact, I start asking people questions to draw them into my space.
  6. Have take-aways on hand for easy access.

Nothing really works.

I fail at Booth Babe.

So, I’m turning to you, Dear Readers.

What would entice YOU to
spend some time in a booth?

Please don’t answer like you know me. You’ve attended similar events. What made you stop at one booth over a gaggle of others? Why did you stay? Maybe even purchase? What made that booth compelling?

I’m participating in the Tri-County Literacy Celebration this Saturday. I’d love to have a few new tactics to try. Shout-outs next week to the people whose tactics actually work.

And, no. I will not wear a bikini.

Nobody wants to see that.


People are snapping up their copies of Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace. Please enjoy a few pictures from a recent event.

angie mizzell not without my father

Angie Mizzell and me…..and DAD photobombing…..

signe pike andra watkins

Author Signe Pike and me.

Holly Fisher and me.

Holly Fisher and me.

robin shuler not without my father

Robin Shuler and Dad. Can you tell how much they freaking loved each other??

sharon hartley and dad

Sharon Hartley and Dad.

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