Humans have inhabited the Natchez Trace corridor for thousands of years. Their voices electrify the air, skip across blades of grass, swoosh between leaves and Spanish moss.

At Emerald Mound, souls shimmer everywhere.

emerald mound top

Ten miles north of Natchez, one can almost touch a thousand years of spirits, a gaggle of souls. People crafted Emerald Mound in 1250AD. Everyone was assigned a basket. Ordered to scoop dirt and carry it to a designated place.

The Mississippian Peoples reshaped the landscape, sprinkling soil and tamping it with their feet. Over and over, they filled their baskets. Dumped the contents. Walked back and forth. Higher and wider and longer.

Emerald Mound is 770 feet long. 435 feet wide. 35 feet high.
The size of several football fields.

No picture can capture its scale.

emerald mound cars

But if you ever find yourself along the Natchez Trace Parkway‘s southern reaches, you’ll hear someone call you. You’ll bump along a dirt road. You’ll stand atop their creation.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll see their world glimmering there,
between trees and nodes of grass.

emerald mound signEmerald Mound is located near milepost 10.3 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Follow the signs to the parking area. It’s open every day, sunrise to sunset. Admission is free.

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