I’ve been at this Make a Memory thing for a month now, and I think it’s about time for a punch list. A Make a Memory Punch List.

Because some people jump right in.
Some like to watch.
And others ponder for a while.

Let’s convert more Watchers and Ponderers into Jump Right In-ers!

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What It Takes to Make a Memory

  1. You.
  2. Another person.
  3. Time.

If you say you don’t have TIME to Make a Memory, then YOU are the problem. We’ve read memories as simple as sipping a drink with a loved one. Taking a weekend trip. Spending an hour of simple pleasure. Claiming a bucket list item, because tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

Easy Ideas to Make a Memory

  1. Meet a loved one for coffee, a drink or a meal. Put your phones away. Actually talk about what’s happening in your lives. Schedule a date to do it again.
  2. Go on a library walk with a loved one. Peruse the stacks and select a couple of books to read together. Share thoughts on your choices, and really listen to why the other person liked/didn’t like a story.
  3. Take a loved one to your favorite local spot. MTM and I often visit Magnolia Cemetery, our favorite local spot for a picnic and long view. But your loved ones may not even know your choice. Pick them up. Take them there. Share.
  4. Play a game with a loved one. No, not a video game. An old fashioned board or card game. Roll dice. Slap cards. Move little plastic men. You might be amazed at what conversation topics arise from tactile behavior.
  5. Before you go to sleep, tell your loved one why they matter. Look into his/her eyes. Be honest. Sincere. You might just Make a lucky Memory…….

What about you?
Do you have ideas to Make a Memory?
Please share them in a comment today.


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