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Reach out and claim an adventure this year. Make a Memory before it’s too late.

I met Shark Tank’s Leslie Haywood at a ladies’ luncheon. She invented Grill Charms, a grilling accessory that helps identify which meats belong to a particular eater. Kind of like wine glass charms for meat.

Her idea was revolutionary enough to garner her a slot on the television show Shark Tank. Charm and grit earned her success in licensing her products with a bigger company.

I’m honored to feature Leslie’s Make a Memory contribution today. She highlights how easy it is to make memories.

not without my father

Make a Memory.
In Leslie’s words.

I come from an extremely close Navy family consisting of my parents and 2 younger sisters. My dad was on submarines and was “out to sea” quite a bit during my childhood. BUT….

When he was home,
he was all about making memories.

Everything he did with us was crazy and funny and wonderful. I don’t think it was a conscious effort on his part, but everything he did was memorable. His love for us, his talks with us, his silliness, everything he did made an impact.

He passed unexpectedly back in 2009.

All we had left were
the memories HE gave US.

My sisters and I talk about how even though we didn’t have a ton of money or “stuff” growing up, the memories he made for us live on. It was a gift he didn’t even know he was giving and only now… after he is gone, do I understand and recognize just how priceless that gift is.

He totally affected the way I parent my daughters. My sisters and I even say “making memories” all the time. There are times when we do stuff with all the cousins and the family and sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt and crazy and LOUD…. But we always say…

“We are making memories”.

We have so many family traditions and great times and gatherings because we know firsthand that after WE are gone, memories are all our kids will have left of US so we want to make sure they are ALL GOOD!! Pa gave that gift to US, so it’s the very least we can do for our kids.

About Leslie Haywood:

leslie haywoodHow did Grill Charms happen? Well, that’s a story.

While sitting down to eat at a dinner party I was hosting, my husband served me an extra hot Jamaican Jerk piece of chicken instead of a mild one because he had forgotten which pieces were which. After this very memorable and very spicy light bulb moment in April 2006 I have felt what I can only describe as a compulsion to insure every American gets what they want – how they want it – hot off the grill.

And Grill Charms was born.


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