Author Lisa A. Kramer flew from Massachusetts to walk part of the Natchez Trace with me. She doesn’t know it, but her visit was a monumental jolt for my writing dream. It isn’t easy to get people to care about words.

Because words are everywhere.
Many words are free.

Her decision to visit convinced me to follow my dream. If I touched one person enough to fly across multiple states to meet me, surely I could convince the masses to read my books, right?

lisa a kramer

Lisa shares the “masses reading” dream with me, too. Her debut novel “P.O.W.ER” is one of my favorite recent reads. Her story inspires women everywhere to believe in themselves, to champion their gifts, and to stand up to oppression.

When my own confidence drags,
I draw strength from her well of P.O.W.ER.

But Lisa is more than a gifted writer. She’s a college professor, inspiring the next generation to love and appreciate live performance. She has an MFA in theater directing and a PhD in theater for youth, but her passion is theater that builds community. Her heArtful Theatre Company reaches middle Massachusetts to foster community change.

I’m grateful to her husband Nathan and her daughter Sarah for sharing her with me for a few days. In a world where everything is about connection, I feel profoundly disconnected so much of the time. When Lisa reached out to me, she showed me that my words matter. She inspired me to take the author leap. She highlighted my own unique powers.

She helped me believe in my power.

lisa a kramer

You’re bombarded with requests for your time and money. The internet is nothing but a Scrolling Screed of “Buy My Shit!” Lisa deserves your money, your eyeballs and your recommendations to others. The people in your life need to hear they should read a book about a billion times before they will……….

unless YOU share your favorite reads
with passion,
with feeling
and with enthusiasm.

I hope you’ll read P.O.W.ER and tell everyone you know to read it, too. Get your copy of P.O.W.ER in your preferred format by clicking HERE.

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