I started my day at milepost 390. Asphalt and trees. A sliver of sky. My feet alternating on a cracked line of white.

But water beckoned. Fall Hollow. Milepost 391.9. The Natchez Trace. Tennessee.

fall hollow

Its white energy buzzed through a crevasse. Boulders. Leaves. Fissures and sediment. All marked Time’s progression to the sea.

Do you ever wonder
where a cascade goes?

When it merges with the ocean,
evaporates to the heavens,
where does it fall?

I scooted down a rock face. On my rear end. Two miles into my fifteen-mile-day. Fear of heights? Horror at falling?

fall hollow


Nothing could stop me as I watched water pour over the crags at Fall Hollow. As I asked every drop to remember me

Wherever it ended its run.


Visit Fall Hollow on Tennessee’s Natchez Trace. It’s at milepost 391.9. A short trail from the parking lot leads to the top of the falls. Hearty folk can follow a rough trail into the hollow. It’s usually wet. And steep. Bring gloves and (if you’re like me) be prepared to scoot. The view’s worth it.

No Make a Memory visit to the Trace
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