My childhood library was a mansion. A castle. A book-lined building of burgundy brick. A portal to imagination.

Adventure. Possibility.
People I met through reading.

florence county libraryI ran my fingers along a rainbow of spines. Grabbed titles. Devoured words.

Trapped in a tiny town, I reconnoitered the world. Letters. Language. Pictures, sometimes. I toured England and New York. India and Indiana. Southeast Asia. The Arctic Circle. Space. Thousands of years ago. Millennia from now.

Books took me

florence county libraryLast month, my hallowed hometown library invited me to return. As an author. Of my own stories. Tales inspired in part by words I discovered within those walls.

My library
made me
a better writer.

florence county librarySUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY! Attend events. Recommend your favorite reads. Thank your librarians. Donate to Friends of the Library programs.

You never know
who you’ll inspire
to write.

florence county libraryDo you have a favorite local library? A certain librarian whose reading recommendations rock?

I want to meet them.
Libraries are booking me now for Fall/Winter appearances,
reading clubs and panel discussions.

If you’d like to see me or my books at a library near you, here’s what you can do:

  • Recommend my books to librarians. They are available through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, standards for library ordering.
  • Tell event librarians about my presentations. I have a growing list of librarians who are willing to endorse me as a reliable, entertaining speaker for any library event.
  • Ask librarians to book me for your library event/reading group/panel. They may contact me via my Contact Page HERE.


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