Are you a father? Do you have a father? Whether he’s living or not?

This post is for you.

June 21 is Father’s Day in the United States.

Today is June 3. Unless you’re in Australia, where it’s June 4. 🙂

I’ve put out a couple of pleas for people to celebrate fatherhood this month.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m sure I gave faulty instructions.

Or maybe the fire hose of the internet came in behind me and forced something you meant to do to the back burner.

Either way, I hope you will stop what you’re doing and take five seconds RIGHT NOW to make a quick social media update. Since you’re obviously reading this on a device. Either your social media app or internet tab is right there…..unless you’re reading this behind the wheel of a car. I don’t want your good intentions to cause a pile-up. 😉

  1. Open Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your social medium of choice.
  2. Post a status update on your timeline that thanks your father for one thing you couldn’t have done without him.
  3. Hashtag your post #NotWithoutMyFather
  4. Hit “Post.”

If you want anyone to see your post (like maybe YOUR DAD), tag him. If you want to give your kids a big old hint to thank their fathers for something, tag them. Tagging isn’t obligatory. Taking five seconds to do 1 – 5 is all I’m asking. If you tag others, we might generate enough Dad thanks to rival the month-long orgy for our other parent that is May.

Again, I know you mean to participate. But you won’t come back to it later. You won’t remember.


Take a few seconds and do this now. The people who see it won’t know zip about my book either before or after. But you’ll most likely make somebody’s day.

Here’s an example of what I did for my dad.


If you have five more seconds, share this post on Facebook or Twitter WITH A STATEMENT AS TO WHY PEOPLE SHOULD READ IT. (Caps for emphasis for those of us who scan.)

Your dad will thank you. If he isn’t with you, he’ll know. Somehow. I really believe that.

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