“I can’t believe my flight is delayed.” That’s me. Professional whiner. I was supposed to be in Nashville for the 27th Annual Southern Festival of Books. Delta’s mysterious flight cancellation forced me to miss a day.

One day of networking. One day of making impressions on potential readers. One day of milking an event I had to bankroll in order to participate.

Anyone who checks my recent calendar knows I’m a pro at upset plans. This time was no different. I did what I always do…….

hightailed it to bed, stuck my thumb in my mouth, and complained.

MTM stayed planted at our shared desk, unwilling to countenance in my bitch-a-thon. He wrangled with Delta while I blasted them online.

“I got you into Nashville by tonight. 7:30pm central time.” MTM breached the bedroom door, took one look at my stormy face, and fled. “I don’t care how much money this is costing us, Andra. It’s a notch in your author bedpost.”

“Yeah? I guess that’s why I feel like an alphabetical whore.”

He ignored me while I googled voodoo hexes for certain airlines and fought to adjust my attitude. I was lucky to be invited to Nashville, regardless of how not-easy it was to get there.

If I repeated anything enough,
eventually I would believe it.

From the beginning, I fashioned myself a best selling author. I strode into every new locale and fresh room, projecting myself as worthy of the New York Times. Every day, I checked my paltry sales and adjusted my approach to convince a few more readers to give me an audition. Several times a week, I cried and wailed and folded myself into a fetal ball of despair.

Despair is depressing, though.
I got up and tried again.

When I belted a scream, MTM came running. “What is it now, Andra? You’re scaring me. I know this delay is frustrating, but—”

He stopped in front of my open laptop, its screen blinking with one headline.

new york times heart attack

I made the New York Times best seller list, AND I almost gave MTM a heart attack.


Through November 8, 2015, e-book versions of Not Without My Father will be 99 cents. Kindle. Nook. iTunes. Kobo. If you’ve been trying to convince someone to give it a try, head to my Facebook Author Page and share this offer with them. Or if you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, order a few copies as gifts.


Tomorrow, I’ll give readers a brief update on my brother. I hope to see you here.

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