I tried, Dear Reader. I wore you out this week and posted every week day. I’m spending too much time with fake people (i.e. my novel manuscript), and I wanted some personal interaction.

Thank you for spending time here.

Please enjoy a roundup of stuff I saw and liked online this week. Maybe it’ll yield good luck this Friday the 13th.

This video from The Atlantic. “Creative Ideas Happen When You Stop Checking Your Phone

The Kitchen’s Garden List of 2015 Books to Read. I’m there, but you’ll find lots of other options vetted by choosy readers.

Sarah Cottrell wins at parenting with this Scary Mommy post: “To Hell With That ‘Brighten Up Your Day’ Crap When My Kid Is Sick

If anyone knows a bibliotherapist, PLEASE send them my books’ way! From The New Yorker: “Can Reading Make You Happier?

This initiative from San Diego Public Library’s University Heights Branch:


The Hudson Valley claims pride of place at Rockefeller Center. Read about the origin of this year’s Christmas tree HERE.

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