I am not afraid of the world

I am not afraid of the world, but I am afraid of people who are afraid of the world. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Are you afraid of the world? We live in a world consumed by fear. Fear of what might happen. Fear of people who spout opposing views. Fear of those who worship differently. Fear of worst possible outcomes, spelled out and dissected all over twenty-four hour news.

I saw this Liz Gilbert quote in a New York Times interview a couple of weeks ago, and it spoke to me. Fear keeps us from being curious. When we’re afraid, we don’t challenge systems or ask questions. We shun adventure in favor of safety and security and sameness. Maybe we let fear keep us from living lives we’re meant to lead.

On Tuesday, I board a plane for London, a place teeming with fears of terrorism. Two weeks into my Welsh writing residency, I’m flying to Amsterdam to visit friends for the weekend. Dang it, I can’t be in Europe for a month and not take advantage of a quick flight to a cool locale, even if it is a short train ride from continued tensions in Brussels. I’m heading to Ireland for book research before I fly home. I refuse to avoid trains and subways, taxis and ferries to experience things I want to see.

Jendi will schedule my Monday posts while I’m away. She’ll also man my Facebook page. Please talk to her. She’s looking forward to responding to your questions on my behalf. A couple of times a week, I’ll send her quick updates to share. If I’m lucky, I’ll find cellular service once in a while and share a picture or two.

Please don’t be strangers. Don’t forget me while I’m gone, because you’ll be on my mind the whole time. I’m creating new stories with you in mind, adventures I can’t wait for you to get lost in.

Because what is reading, really, if it isn’t an escape from the fearful, crazy, unpredictable world we inhabit?


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