It's only too late to make memories when it's too late.

It’s only too late to make memories when it’s too late.  ~ Andra Watkins

Do you save voicemail?

My cellular provider is maddening. They don’t provide much room to save as many as I’d like. I resorted to saving special messages as audio files on my iPhone. We lose people a little every day. I don’t want to forget what people sound like.

When they’re gone, it will be too late to collect sound.

Take my Aunt Lillian. She’s almost ninety. I’m still her Baby Andra. I treasure every message from her, because each call may be her last. Oh, she’s still going strong, but we all have an end date.

Listen to one of my favorites.

Dad calls me almost every day. My voice memos are stacking up. This recent one where he crows about people calling him Hot Shot at his Kiwanis meeting is delightful.

Listen below.

Sound is the backbone of memory. How many times have you been transported to childhood because of a simple tune?

When I can hear the memory, it’s more complete. I started saving these snippets, because I don’t ever want to forget them.

Do you have a Soundcloud account? I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve stored there. Drop a link to your page in today’s comments. Or start your own account by following the link HERE.

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