Reviewers and critics around the world told me not to love Vincent.

He’s overdrawn. Even hysterical. In key parts of his story, he drags and deflects and assaults those around him. He’s too creative. People don’t understand what he’s all about.

Great artists are not peaceful souls. – from the movie Loving Vincent

Critics said such things about Vincent van Gogh in his day. Why should Loving Vincentthe first fully painted movie about his death, escape such harsh judgment?

Humans haven’t changed much since Van Gogh’s day, have they? Nobody appreciated Vincent’s talent when he was alive. In less than a decade, he produced 826 paintings.

He only sold one during his short life.

And so it goes with the most creative movie I’ve seen in recent memory.

When I landed in Los Angeles for my soul-feeding time with Debra Fetterly, one of the first things I said was, “I want to see Loving Vincent. It’s playing in Pasadena.”

Debra, one of my most adventurous friends, was a little underwhelmed at first. “I’ve read a lot of mixed things about that movie. A lot of people don’t like it.”

In the end, we decided to experience it for ourselves. Because you know what?

We let others draw too many lines around our experiences today.

Instead of getting out and forming our own opinions about things, we let ratings and reviews and critics tell us how we should experience life. And in the process, WE MISS SO MUCH WORTHY LIVING.

Debra and I were glued to the riotous screen for almost two hours. When the movie finished, we sat through the credits. Our mouths were still open as the lights came up. Once we were home, we googled information on how the film makers oil-painted an entire movie. We gobbled up information about featured characters from his paintings. The next day, we were STILL discussing Loving Vincent.

I’m SO GLAD I chose to experience something that underwhelmed others. Time after time, I find when I ignore internet noise, discarded treasures smash the boundaries of my life.


Want to see how my unwillingness to go along with the crowd impacts my writing?


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