I Am Number 13 launches on 13 November 2018.

Word Hermit Press is creating a special, limited-edition hardcover of I Am Number 13. Available only by lottery, fifty lucky people will be selected to purchase this signed, numbered, full-color edition of I Am Number 13.

Ask me anything for Lucky 13!

Details on entering the lottery are coming soon. You don’t want to sign up to buy a book you haven’t seen, right? I can’t WAIT to show it to you, but it’s sitting in my mailbox right now. I’ll give you a video tour in a future post.

Here’s what the special limited-edition hardcover of I Am Number 13 includes:

  • Full-color chapter headings that mimic the AI-designed Rousseau-esque cover;
  • Premium color;
  • Premium paper;
  • Hardcover;
  • Special dust jacket designed for the limited edition;
  • Journal-like tie closure;
  • Signed and numbered by me;
  • Exclusive back matter, including expanded discussion of how I crafted this novel and a no-holds-barred interview with me.

That’s right. The special edition of I Am Number 13 will include an exclusive author interview where YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING!

Another peek at the AI-generated cover of I Am Number 13!

Ask me anything in a comment below!

You may see your question in the limited-edition, full-color, collectible hardcover copy of I Am Number 13.


Read more about I Am Number 13 HERE.

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