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Fight Brain Drain. Read a Novel.

What does it cost our brains if we don't read long-form works? According to this study by Emory University in Atlanta, maybe.....a lot. Click here to read the UK Independent article on the impact of novel reading on brain function.

I'll wait.

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I Came. I Saw. I READ.

I read an article in the Washington Post recently. Reading Is Different Online Than Off. Seriously. Click on the link.

I'll wait.

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Meet Me At Cupcake Saturday April 19

The folks at Cupcake's King Street Charleston location have been working. FOR WEEKS. On a very special cupcake.

Behold, the cinnamon sugar cupcake-that-looks-like-a-doughnut-Emmaline-might-eat.

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Today’s the Day

The To Live Forever Journey to Charleston Contest ends at midnight tonight. Thank you to everyone who read the book and posted reviews, who shared the book with their blog audiences and social networks, and who recommended it to others. I wish every single one of you could win the contest.

If you'd like to garner a few more entries, you still have time.

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Blistered Battered and Bewildered

I had to run to keep up with MTM. I mean, really run.

"We're not going to make the train if you don't come on." That he carried two stuffed suitcases and one full briefcase to my demure purse made my lagging inexcusable. I ground my teeth and tried to step up.

Liquid oozed inside my right shoe. Stuck my toes together. A sensation too familiar. Too soon.

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