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What Kind of Man Leaves His Wife By the Side of the Road?

I adore Andra. Two days before she left for this 444-mile walk we had a surprise celebration for her at The Belmont in Charleston, the first time I had successfully surprised her since the day 10 years before when I made my proposal to her that she be my wife for life. These ten years have been my best years, so far.
How could I possibly let her wander of into the dangers of the Natchez Trace? Throughout history, the Trace has been a haunt of notorious highwaymen, robbers and murderers.

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Everything’s Bigger When You Are Little

"I found some of the old Christmas stockings you kids remember those flat felt ones?"

JMM (my mom) visited us last week, or at least came to see Andra's Christmas decorations.

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The Problem of Contemporary Architecture

Besides being Andra's Mate/Target/Muse, I am also an architect in Charleston, SC. That means I am often asked my opinions about various Charleston buildings, especially works of contemporary architecture.

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From Zero to Hero: A Resurrection for L’Eroica

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have learned all about my excursion for L'Eroica through the perspective of poor Andra, the Bicycle Widow. Here is my side of the story....

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Girls Night Out

Four ladies won the auction, so this night was their option

To spend with their friends while the men are forgotten

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