Having spent much of the past eighteen months wondering whether I’d go blind or lose my mind, I’m thankful for what eyesight I have. Others may argue I lost my mind long ago. Whatever. Being thankful is the cornerstone of a happy life. Here’s my short gratitude list for 2017: MTM didn’t divorce me over […]


I harp a lot about seeing the world adventurously. In my last post, I shared my reaction to the movie Loving Vincent, the world’s first oil-painted movie about the death of Vincent van Gogh. Today, I’m talking about another artist. Marc Chagall. His paintings are otherworldly dreamscapes. When I dream in technicolor, the images resemble what […]


Reviewers and critics around the world told me not to love Vincent. He’s overdrawn. Even hysterical. In key parts of his story, he drags and deflects and assaults those around him. He’s too creative. People don’t understand what he’s all about. Great artists are not peaceful souls. – from the movie Loving Vincent Critics said such […]