A Librarian and An Author Walk Into a Bar……..

Erwin Magbanua is a twenty-first century librarian. He's the Programming and Special Events Coordinator for San Diego Public Library. The man is in charge of events for almost forty branches. He organizes everything from author events to movie nights to corporate trainings to weddings. Yes, people actually want to get married at San Diego's new Central Library. And they want to hold receptions on the ninth floor rooftop, with booze and bands and a diving board designed by the building's architect. But that's not why my readers will care about Erwin. I understand what makes you people swoon..............


Architecture of Reading at San Diego Public Library

Was the seminal library in Alexandria? Or was it a certain Parisian building, one decried by Victor Hugo in his famous "this will kill that" chapter from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Maybe I've found the seminal library. Read more and tell me whether you agree.............


Why Do We Become Our Parents?

When I was growing up with 1970s parents, I noted two things about my father: 1. He commandeered the telephone late into the night, shouting about his plant's wood supply; and 2. He spent every other second in his recliner. A recliner spewed from his butt. A permanent appendage. His lost tail. I vowed I would NEVER be like him. Here's how that turned out.............