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A Feather In Her Cap

When does a girl become a woman? Develop those fabled feminine wiles? Is it during wide-eyed, chub-cheeked infanthood? Her inaugural surf of the red wave? Maybe it happens the first time she, um...........logs her First Time. Or maybe it's the first time she enjoys it.

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Pon Pon Chapel of Ease

You don't have to spend much time around here to figure out I have an interest in history. People don't change much, do they? We complain about the salaciousness of today's news media, but our third President, Thomas Jefferson, actually purchased entire news outlets to spew venom at his political enemies, all hidden behind the quills of reporters who repackaged his words as their own.

Whenever I visit Pon Pon Chapel of Ease, I feel closer to our flawed Founders.

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The Problem of Contemporary Architecture Redux

Charleston will be in a tizzy today, or at least certain elements of it, as an unabashedly-contemporary building gained approval last night at the City's Board of Architectural Review. To embrace the controversy, I thought I'd re-run MTM's piece about his views on Charleston and contemporary architecture:

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It’s A Sign

Can this ever mean a good day?

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Where Women Glow and Men Plunder

An architecture post. Because it's been a while since I've been inspired to write one.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban likes cardboard. A lot. Specifically cardboard tubes, coated in polyurethane. We like to think of churches as places of permanence. Stone and wood, colored in with a stained glass rainbow.

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