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The Death of Foodism

MTM is a slave driver. My plans between Christmas and New Years? TO NOT POST. AT ALL. The first vacation I've taken from this blog in, like, EVER. I sat here all day, celebrating Naked Christmas, and MTM says (and remember, I'm naked)........

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Blinded By the White 2

It's happening again. I'm having that insidious, looping bad dream. I am blind. Instead of murky pitch, my vision is scrubbed of color. Tones recede until they become intelligible needles at the edges of my sight lines, twinkling a last gasp of varied hues before falling into blankness.

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The Problem of Contemporary Architecture

Besides being Andra's Mate/Target/Muse, I am also an architect in Charleston, SC. That means I am often asked my opinions about various Charleston buildings, especially works of contemporary architecture.

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Pictures from an Exhibitionist

I couldn't decide which way to tilt my head................

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Yank My Chain

Is it life-size?

I squinted into the sun. Light gleamed on metal. The creature's bones chimed in the breeze off the river.

Would it turn its head?

Could empty eye sockets find me?

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