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From Zero to Hero: A Resurrection for L’Eroica

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have learned all about my excursion for L'Eroica through the perspective of poor Andra, the Bicycle Widow. Here is my side of the story....

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Can We Do It In A Convent?

With no internet save MTM’s dicey phone, I will leave everything but the view to your imagination.

Siena. The Duomo.


A random shop window.



Another Donatello.


Hungry wife.

What’s an Abandoned Wife To Do?

While MTM rode in L’Eroica, I stayed behind. Several things contributed to my poor disposition, and I thought a day lounging around a Tuscan villa on a mountaintop in a medieval town might cure me.

Villa Sassolini dates to the 1400’s, though the general property is mapped in feudal records. A wealthy Florentine widow fled here after her husband was murdered. I can almost hear her wail in the wee hours, when I get up to visit the bathroom. I am convinced she stayed in my quarters. It has the best view.

Some pictures from Moncioni, a tiny place I highly recommend as a base for a visit to Tuscany.

The street outside the gates of Villa Sassolini.


Village artwork:


A view from the backside of town:


Tuscan sun and sky:


I think I stole a few olives:


Afternoon view from my window:


While MTM was out riding, I was included in a big Italian lunch party and fourteenth birthday celebration that raged for hours. I wish I knew what they said to me, but I understood when they offered me birthday cake, I was one of them.


The raging widow would approve.

An Insider’s Guide to L’Eroica 2013

The 2013 L'Eroica is complete....see what you missed.

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L’Eroica Sunrise

Please wish MTM well on his 75km ride. He’s off for an 8:30am start.

Part of the rules of L’Eroica include riding a bike that was built before 1987. Each rider must submit his or her bike for inspection prior to taking a place on the starting line.

MTM has some concerns about his couplers passing muster with race officials. If his altered bike makes inspection, he should be finished by 1pm.

Sunrise in Tuscany this morning.



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