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The One Where I Really Need Your Feedback

Dear Readers, it's been a couple of months since the new launched. I couldn't be happier with my new online home. It's clean. Visual. Easy on the backend. Something I'm proud to see promoted and shared. I really need your feedback. What's this new experience like for YOU, the user?

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I Will Be Here

Only I won't be. Here. Because writing demands isolation. Solitude. Aloneness. To hear the voices. For the next week, I will be immersed. On Edisto . Comparing earth to water to say. Walking. But not responding to comments. Or reading blogs. I don't know how to elaborate. Because anything I type comes off as bitchy. And I am not a bitch.


Early in our relationship, MTM received a cookbook. Intercourses. From, ahem, someone. A visual feast, Intercourses divides the food groups into the necessities: Gnoshes proven to get a person laid.