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Putting the X in X-Mas

In my attempt to light a fire under your Christmas spirit I have counted down the past twelve days passing on some of my favorite musical selections to some very lucky winners.

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Everything’s Bigger When You Are Little

"I found some of the old Christmas stockings you kids remember those flat felt ones?"

JMM (my mom) visited us last week, or at least came to see Andra's Christmas decorations.

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Go Tell It On the Mountain Again

Christmas 1994.

The three-year-old choir children twirled and giggled as they were led in a knot of single-file to the carpeted steps at the front of the church. Perfect Shirley Temple curls were accentuated with red and green ribbon. Sprays of plastic berries and twinkling tinsel erupted from shimmering outfits.

And, of course, there were the obligatory boys.

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My Wife Gave Me a Fungus

It was driving her crazy that I wouldn't open her box. She had wrapped it more simply than usual, as if its minimalism would entice me to set aside my usual reserved nature and rip it open to behold her gift.

But I wouldn't succumb.

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Boxing Day Cuckoo

boxing day, cuckoo song, leopold mozart, kindersinfonie, literary southern gothic suspense fiction, literary southern gothic suspense novel, literary suspense novel, literary suspense fictionIt haunts me all year. An instrumental extravaganza I’ve only heard on Radio Classique Montreal, strings and horns and a crazy cuckoo bird. Once, the blasted song came on while I was in the bathtub, and I almost ended up in the hospital. My zeal to get to the computer and divine the song left me sprawling on the floor, bedecked in glitter and suds and nothing else.

MTM enjoyed that particular Lush bath bomb.

But, when I found the song list, my beloved cuckoo song was absent. Skipped. Anonymous.

I beat against the keys with my sudsy claws, incensed. Why was the cuckoo song a mystery, only to be savored in one hotel room, a few days a year?

Life was unfair.

But, not this year. I found the story of my beloved Cuckoo Song.

Kindersinfonie was written by Leopold Mozart, though his authorship is disputed. Leopold plowed his talent first into his daughter Nannerl, a gifted pianist, and later into his son Wolfgang Amadeus.

Perhaps you have heard of him.

Leopold’s Kindersinfonie, whether he wrote it or not, is one of the things that means Christmas to me. It’s exuberant chords and grandiose string sections, coupled with the plaintive cuckoo, signal that I’ve arrived in my Happy Christmas Place.

And, my Happy Boxing Day Place.

Now, to get to those boxes……………..


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