dreaded parental conversations

Dreaded Parental Conversations

Ever dreaded parental conversations? I don't mean the ones parents have with children. Birds-and-bees. What death means. Nope. I mean conversations parents foist upon their hapless children, filling their brains with things they NEVER, EVER wanted to imagine, hear, or know. Here are a few of mine.


My Brother. An Update.

Thank you to everyone who supported my brother and my parents during our recent crisis. Since I shared my brother's situation, I've tried to respect his privacy.


Why Do We Become Our Parents?

When I was growing up with 1970s parents, I noted two things about my father: 1. He commandeered the telephone late into the night, shouting about his plant's wood supply; and 2. He spent every other second in his recliner. A recliner spewed from his butt. A permanent appendage. His lost tail. I vowed I would NEVER be like him. Here's how that turned out.............