Why Do We Become Our Parents?

When I was growing up with 1970s parents, I noted two things about my father: 1. He commandeered the telephone late into the night, shouting about his plant's wood supply; and 2. He spent every other second in his recliner. A recliner spewed from his butt. A permanent appendage. His lost tail. I vowed I would NEVER be like him. Here's how that turned out.............

naked facetime

Naked FaceTime With My Aging Parents

During our last episode of F'ed Up Fantasy Family, I reported the gift of an iPad to my aging parents. They wanted access to FaceTime in a purported bid to follow new-ish extended family members. I was convinced they would use FaceTime while naked.


What Happened When I Gave My Parents an iPad

My father is almost eighty-one. My mother is..........well, she'll kill me if I type a number over fifty. Her birthday was around Father's Day. They ganged up on us with one request: an iPad mini.