He’s Got Leaving on His Mind

He’s Got Leaving on His Mind

Let's face it. There comes a time in every relationship when you have to admit that it has run its course. With some mates, it happens sooner than you thought it should or had wanted it too.


I See Your Underwear

"Surprise!!!!" Mom walked up behind me, and in the second before I turned around, I had a flashback. I was in elementary school. The inside of Coker's Department Store was a cave. Fluorescent lights spotlit stuff. Clothes and shoes. Sheets and blankets. China and fancy table linens. And lingerie. Racks and racks of lace and silk, elastic and cotton.

dicks sporting goods

The Wonderful World of Dick

Ripped Guy at Dick’s:  Welcome to Dick’s Sporting Goods! Can I help you find something specific? Me:  Um……ah…….mumblemumblemumble. RGAD:  I’m sorry? What was that? Me: MUMBLEMUMBLE. RGAD:  (Nervous laugh) Sorry....