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Early in our relationship, MTM received a cookbook. Intercourses. From, ahem, someone.

A visual feast, Intercourses divides the food groups into the necessities: Gnoshes proven to get a person laid.

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A Recipe For Sound

Edits abound. Deadlines loom.

And I want to know if I’m the only person who’s used a pot to magnify the sound of a musical device?

When outdoor speakers broke at a party, we threw a phone into a Teflon pot and pressed Play. The non-stick surface yielded a tinny sound. We swapped Teflon for metal.

And McGyvered a new speaker.

We tapped our feet to the results for a couple of hours.

Has anyone else tried this listening technique? Or maybe you’ve found a new use for an everyday thing?

Please share your brilliance in a comment today.

Once Bitten Twice Shy

I blame my father for my third spider bite in July. Same leg. Thigh. Back of knee. Front of thigh, just above the knee.

Dad distracted me, the third time.

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It’s A Sign

Can this ever mean a good day?

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Sideways in New Zealand’s Wine Country

It's thin-skinned. Temperamental. Ripens early. Miles Raymond, struggling writer in Sideways

New Zealand wine. It's supposed to be all about sauvignon blanc, right? Really grapefruit-ty white stuff from the Marlborough region is stuff I've long classified UNDRINKABLE. The only New Zealand wine I sort of like is Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay, and only because it's unoaked. So, forgive me for having low expectations of New Zealand's adult grape juices when we landed.

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