How to Navigate Life’s Turbulence Like a Champ

If you've been following my online life, you know I'm the walking definition of a glamorous existence. Relaxing by the pool. Hobnobbing in casinos. Hiking new (to me) trails. Jetting to Europe. Scouring old palaces. Cementing friendships. FACT: Most people only share the "Don't You Wish You Were Me" bits of life on social media. ALSO FACT: I'm like most people.

penny o'neill

Road Warrior Tribute: Penny O’Neill

Penny O'Neill isn't a stranger here. You know her as Life on the Cutoff. Her comments are thoughtful delights. When several Chicago area groups tapped my publicist for appearances, I must confess something embarrassing: I didn't land enough gigs to justify the trip. Two committed groups fell through with no explanation. And from my expanded speaking experience, I knew what remained wouldn't cover my expenses, even if every soul in attendance bought both books. That never, ever happens.

It Ain’t Easy Being Inspirational

I owe some of you an apology.