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A Feather In Her Cap

When does a girl become a woman? Develop those fabled feminine wiles? Is it during wide-eyed, chub-cheeked infanthood? Her inaugural surf of the red wave? Maybe it happens the first time she, um...........logs her First Time. Or maybe it's the first time she enjoys it.

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I’d Go Halfway Around the World to Meet a Reader

What's the best thing about writing to you, Dear Reader? Is it getting great comments on your blogs? Having people praise your prose? Achieving mind blowing stats or sales? Getting great reviews for your efforts, fiction or non?

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She Took Me In And Gave Me Breakfast

Stories are the thread of connection. They're like promiscuous sex. We can dally and fool around, or we can go all the way.

I'm glad I went all the way with Debra Fetterly.

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And She Was

I know. I know. This is the title of a drug addled Talking Heads song.

But she was.

My friend when I needed one. She was there even when I didn't know what I needed.

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I owe you a post about contests. And winners. And winning.

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