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With A Lot of Help From My Friends

I could never have completed a 444-mile walk without the help and support of many. Thank you is inadequate, but it's all I have in these very emotional moments at the end.

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The Road to Somewhere

When I encouraged people to come and walk part of the Natchez Trace with me, I really didn't think anyone would. My offer was sincere, but it was also my warped sense of Southern hospitality. I mean, I couldn't very well throw myself a masochistic party and not invite people to come.

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It Takes a Village to Write a Book

Okay. Maybe it doesn't take a village to WRITE a book, but it sure does take one to make sure the book doesn't suck. While I got tons of valuable feedback on my book (as well as lots of pretentious/elitist/ridiculous drivel)...

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I’ll Stand By You

I lost my snack. Gave up too much. Green carpet and orange fabric and plywood, witness to my deflowering.

In kindergarten.

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Lost Art of Conversation

Random conversations. Online and off. Because some of you are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY funnier than I am. Or maybe you just make me laugh. Either way, I'll take it.

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