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emanuel ame church charleston

Yo-Yo Ma’s Free Charleston Concert

I wasn't there when Yo-Yo Ma picked up his cello. I didn't see him leave Charleston's Gaillard Center and stroll into the starry night. I imagine he clung to the Anson Street sidewalk and cut a lone figure in the crosswalk at Calhoun. Sometimes, darkness makes anyone anonymous. I guess strains of his Bach encore still paraded through his head, lending imaginary life to the silent street. An empty school. A sleeping office space. The harsh cry of a feral cat. Footprints of a world-famous musician. I wish I could follow those footsteps. I wish more humans would.

emanuel ame church charleston

How To Help Charleston: A Comprehensive List

Rather than give another set of opinions about what happened or how to fix my city, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ways you can help the families of the Charleston shooting victims, concrete things you can actually DO to make a difference for the people of Charleston.

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Over It

Maybe a quick post. Maybe not. MTM's collarbone surgery is at 2:30pm today. It's scheduled to take 2 1/2 hours. We both appreciate thoughts and prayers (especially since MTM won't be able to eat all day. People are prone to become grouchy when they can't eat...........though bad nurses are always grouchy.) Feeling overwhelmed makes me grouchy. And I should be thankful.