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Charming, South Carolina: A Charleston Chronicle

Andra Watkins:

Kate Shrewsday writes the first installment of her Charleston visit. Enjoy.

Originally posted on Kate Shrewsday:

If – being British – you get into a car in Washington DC and take great care to drive on the right hand side of the freeway for about eight hours, down through Virginia, by the time you reach South Carolina the appeal of those great green forests and quaint all-American billboards will have lost its shine and you will be praying for something, anything, to break the monotony.

And all of a sudden the road obliges, and the trees part, and there is a great glistening expanse of water.

Did I say Charming? I meant, of course, Charleston, South Carolina. An ancient town, an America’s beginning, and as different from that great white city you have just left as it is possible to be.

We did just such a drive. And our gratefulness at the air conditioning of the hotel when we arrived was unbounded. We arrived, we showered, we rejoiced…

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With A Lot of Help From My Friends

I could never have completed a 444-mile walk without the help and support of many. Thank you is inadequate, but it's all I have in these very emotional moments at the end.

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The End of the Walk Contest

Sometime today (maybe by the time you read this post), I'll walk up to milepost 444 on the Natchez Trace and end my 444-mile trek from Natchez, Mississippi. I don't know how I'm going to feel, but I'm sure I'll be crying.

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The Road to Somewhere

When I encouraged people to come and walk part of the Natchez Trace with me, I really didn't think anyone would. My offer was sincere, but it was also my warped sense of Southern hospitality. I mean, I couldn't very well throw myself a masochistic party and not invite people to come.

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I Am the Biggest Liar

MTM asked me a question. "What's the biggest lie in To Live Forever, Andra?"


Other than that it's a work of fiction?

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