I’m Still Not Without My Father

On Christmas Eve, my father had brain surgery, a quick procedure to drain a subdural hematoma. Instead, we started 2018 wondering whether my father would be with us much longer....

I bought MTM the Mylo Xyloto CD. Coldplay for Christmas was HIS gift. Could I open it and listen to it without any evidence of tampering?

Coldplay For Christmas

One year all I wanted was Coldplay for Christmas, but let’s go back to where it all started… My Mom likes to tell the story of lugging all ten pounds...

The weight of the world lifted from me as I pressed play. It sent me into a reverie of big hair and high school, and became my surprise Christmas favorite.

Surprise Christmas Favorite: It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas

When MTM and I decided to wed, it meant merging lots of things. Victorian antiques and modernist minimalist sticks. Architecture books and trashy novels. Clashing collections of music. Read on...