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What Kind of Man Leaves His Wife By the Side of the Road?

I adore Andra. Two days before she left for this 444-mile walk we had a surprise celebration for her at The Belmont in Charleston, the first time I had successfully surprised her since the day 10 years before when I made my proposal to her that she be my wife for life. These ten years have been my best years, so far.
How could I possibly let her wander of into the dangers of the Natchez Trace? Throughout history, the Trace has been a haunt of notorious highwaymen, robbers and murderers.

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Why I Am A Bad Wife Redux

Why I am a bad wife this month, in no particular order.

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I Saw The Big Thing On Valentine’s Day

I rubbed my eyes when I saw it. The Big Thing.

It's not like I haven't seen Big Things before. I mean, come on. I'm a Woman of a Certain Age. I've been around. And around.

And around.

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The Valentine That Gave Me My Valentine

He came from Austria. Dreulach. Or Vorderberg. A place that was always at war. Didn't stop him from knocking up a woman. Three times, before he fled to America.

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The Beauty in Boiled Peanuts

MTM is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up eating things like frozen custard and cheese curds and Friday Fish Fry. He is a hot, slender man in spite of that early diet.
On the other hand, I have never lived north of the Mason-Dixon line. While I love to get out of The South, I would probably spontaneously combust if I tried to live anywhere else on earth. My Southern genes would likely attack themselves trying to recreate the hot, humid Hell I've always lived in.

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