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How To Have An Easy Career Like Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift: Congratulations! You're in style, at the top of the charts and sold-out everywhere. I mean, you needed to be an octopus to carry your haul of gongs from the BMAs. There's no blank space to your trajectory. I like nothing better than seeing a woman shake off the haters and live her wildest dreams. Heaven forbid I'd ever be mean enough to attack a woman. Especially one as powerful as you. But Sweetie, I'm concerned. Power does strange things to people. It slants a world view. Removes natural filters. Causes bad blood. Makes some say unfortunate things like their anyone-would-die-for-it careers aren't hard. Yes. You said that. BBC Radio 1. Nick Grimshaw. "It's not that hard. I'm telling you now it's really not." You probably modeled your career after Gwyneth Paltrow, didn't you?


I’m Dating Another Man

It started online. That's how so many affairs happen these days, right? We connect with strangers in cyberspace. The veil of molecular ether makes us bolder. Maybe even flirtier. We form connections across airwaves. Fiber optic cables. Keys. And screens. I happened upon him chatting with several of his cyber-friends. "You're going to see that movie? I totally want to go." "What about MTM?" (Because EVERYONE in cyberland knows about MTM.......) "Forget MTM. I've GOT to see this movie with YOU."

What’s Wrong With Renee Zellweger

What’s Wrong With Renee Zellweger

My Facebook feed combusted yesterday, a feeding frenzy of cat-calls and judgment. Over a photo. At a Hollywood event.